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TechHub is a unique environment where technology startups can start up faster. We nurture an international network of like-minded and focused tech entrepreneurs, providing places where they can work, meet, collaborate, network, learn and have fun. By getting the right people together in a physical space, good things happen.

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Manchester Lean Startup Group: May 2014

7:00pm, TechHub Manchester
Lean Startups use customer development to reduce waste, reduce time to market, increase contact with customers and avoid incorrect market assumptions. They do this by employing a collection of techniques built around maximising validated customer learning thought fast Build/Measure/Learn iteration loops.

Life at TechHub

It's fantastic to be part of one of the most dynamic and exciting communities in the London tech-scene. During the time that Planvine has been based at TechHub, we have benefitted from unparalleled networking and PR opportunities.

Chris Crossley from Planvine

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TechHub Manchester PROUDLY presents Google Cloud Platform Developer Roadshow

21 days ago

Google’s global Cloud Platform Developer Roadshow is coming to Tech Hub Manchester. As many of you know, on March 25, we will be making major product announcements at Google Cloud Platform Live. The Roadshow will kick off immediately following this event and will visit 26 cities around the world. If you’d like to attend, register at